04 March 2009

Purple Penguin

It's not unusual for me to see groups of holy people on my morning commute through Sydney's Central Business District. I often see Franciscan Friars or Buddhist Monks waiting for the bus in front of St Andrew's Church. So I didn't think twice when I saw cluster of nuns in starched white habits walking through the Town Hall station.

Until I noticed that they were surrounding a nun with a black wide brimmed hat who was wearing a deep purple robe.

I was suddenly compelled to investigate their footwear: a pair of black combat boots, some fishnet stockings, a set of take-me-back-to-Kansas slippers, a pair of snake-skin stilettos.

Another quick glance before they vanished behind the closing doors of the train to Bondi Junction revealed a shaggy red beard.

Where on earth are they going at 9 in the morning? Surely, no Buck's Night starts at that hour...and their habits were far too clean for them to be on their way home from last night...

Ah yes...The Parade is this Saturday...I reckon The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are hosting morning tea.

Can any of my antipodean readers enlighten me as to why it is that in Australia, Mardi Gras falls on a Saturday in the middle of Lent?

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