01 June 2013

Repatriation FAQ

                Yes, we are moving back to the United States.
I want to be closer to my family and the friends I have loved all my life.  I hate my job.  Kevin has been very sick and is finishing treatment and we want to start a new chapter.  We move every three years and the clock ran out on Adelaide last month.  I am bored.  There is no place like home.  Why not?
Do you have jobs?
Where are you going to live?
                That has yet to be decided.
Where are you going to stay?
                Not sure yet.
What are you going to do?
                Ask me later.
Are you taking your stuff?
Yes, the movers are coming on June 24/25.  They do all the packing, so we just need to sort through stuff.  We are selling everything that runs on electricity or explosive fuels.
What about Kevin’s treatment?
Kevin takes his last injection on June 19th and his last pills on June 26 – which is the day we will leave Adelaide!  He’ll have his final blood work done and will be free from the tyranny of his 8 hour eating schedule.  It will still be several months before the side effects dissipate, and he won’t be feeling tip-top by any means, but we just can’t stomach the thought of sitting around, waiting to feel better…he’ll get some meds to take with us, and then we’ll find a doctor in the US for some follow up care.
What about health insurance?
Yeah, well isn’t that a question that keeps people trapped, eh?  We will take out travel insurance to cover any serious accidents, but otherwise we will be paying as we go until we get jobs and have proper insurance that hopefully won’t exclude Kevin from everything.  We are Australian citizens, so worse comes to worst we can always come back and go on the dole…we have an emergency cash fund for such an eventuality.
What about Bad, Bad Kitty?
As you can see from my answers to the above questions, we won’t be very stable when we land.  BBK doesn’t take to change well, and we didn’t feel we could keep her safe and happy, so we decided to find her a new home.  BBK has gone to live on 5 acres in the Adelaide Hills with a lovely American man and his Aussie/American wife, where she will have cat doors, kangaroo meat, a bounty of rodents to chase, and fresh steamed broccoli. They have a good understanding of cat psychology.  They don’ have kids and they have two other cats – which will be a challenging social experiment for her, but hey, it is a time for all of us to spread our wings and fly.  Actually, she got a pretty darn good deal out of this and I suspect will be happier there than she was with us…it has been a tough year for everyone in our household.
Are you coming to Melbourne?
Yes, we will be driving to Melbourne arriving Thursday June 27 for a three day good-bye piss-up.
Are you coming to Sydney?
Yes.  We will be arriving in Sydney on July 1st.  July 4th will be our final night.  I propose a red, white, and blue party, but have yet to organize anything…we will be staying in the CBD, near Chinatown.
                Yeah.  No Shit.

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